• What exactly do you do?

    o Well in the shortest possible way to explain it, I strive to capture your day in a documentive way, and in a way that best represents you as a couple. I love creating a video that is a little different, fun and quirky.

  • What kind of gear do you use?

    • I shoot using professional digital cameras including Sony and Nikon cameras and a wide variety of sweet lenses.

  • What’s involved in creating the wedding film and who picks the music?
    o I always want my films to reflect my couples taste in music/style so I always ask them to send me 3-5 of songs that they love and think would be fun for the edit. Of course if you want me to find the song, I totally can! What I do then is search my music databases and try to find 3-5 songs that I feel match your wedding, send them over and you tell me which one you love the most. Music is super important to the film because it sets the tone and mood, so picking the one that fits you might take some time but will totally be worth it. Once we have that perfect song picked, the editing begins (and coffee intake) followed by more editing, re-cuts, minor adjustments, more coffee, more editing and then the last final touches and critiquing. Nothing leaves my studio without being just right!

  • Why don’t you have a 6 hour option?

    • With photography, I do offer a 6 hour package, because i don’t typically need to capture everything that happens at the beginning of the day because makeup, robe, detail and other shots can be done in a pretty quick amount of time. With videography, along with those classic shots I also try to search out candid & more non-traditional moments which can take time to capture. If I am there for only 6 hours, I miss some of those starting moments that help tell the story of the entire day, same with leaving early at the end of the night. It also doesn’t leave me any time for set up, doing time lapses, getting b-roll of the venue, random details, people setting up and other things that can help add to the final edits.

      When I use to offer 6 hours, I always found myself getting there early and staying late to get those kinds of shots and sometimes staying until the end of the night because maybe the entire timeline got pushed back 45 mins for some reason, the dancing didn’t happen quite as quickly as everyone thought, or the party was going so crazy that I wanted to make sure it was all captured. Now when looking back at those 6 hours days, I realize the amount of extra footage and shot opportunities that are missed with just those 2-4 extra hours.

    • Another reason I only offer 8 hours or more is because when you’re making your timeline and trying to figure out when everything needs to happen, it gives you more of a window so that you’re not having to smash everything back to back because you only have your photographer and videographer for 6 hours. I feel like 8-10 hours is the sweet spot for my style of videography. Also with video, for every shot I get, I also get an alternative mid, wide and close shot for editing in post. I always try to get as much content and angles as possible so that when it’s time to start editing I have everything and more to make an amazing video.

  • What is the Docu Style Video like?
    o The Docu Style Video is kinda like those fun, homemade movies your parents would make but done in a new, more stylish way, with the music chosen by me! These videos will run anywhere from 25-45 minutes. I go through all of the footage from the entire day and put together a “camcorder style” video over music that shows the day from start to finish including prep, first looks, vows and toasts, cocktail hour, bouquet toss, garter flinging, cake smashing and all the fun moments and dance moves your family and friends have to offer. These videos can run over 45 minutes, so gather on the couch, make some popcorn and get comfy.

  • What is your turn around time?

    o Most wedding films are completed within 10-12 weeks of your wedding date, but can run a little longer during my busy time (months inclusive of August-December). With videography, there is a lot of post production that has to be done when making a killer film - this includes finding and culling the BEST shots, editing and creating the story, color correcting and grading (fancy way of saying, adding in my special beautiful color). I always strive to give my couples the absolute best wedding films possible, so I do not rush the process, but I will get the video to you as quickly as I am able to!


  • Do you travel and does it cost extra?

    • I love, love, love to travel!
      🚗 Weddings within 60 miles of Wynnewood, Oklahoma are no extra charge for travel. After the first 60 miles, there is a fee of .53 cents per mile round trip.
      🚐Weddings still within driving distance but not quite close enough (3-4 hours), a one night stay is required. Weddings that are 4-6 hours away, a two nights stay is required.
      ✈️ Having a destination wedding? Get in touch with me and let’s talk details. I know budgets are always tough so lets see how we can make this happen!

  • Hotel/Airbnb Booking:

    • Some couples will get a block of hotel rooms for guest/family and will just add an extra room for me but if you would rather not have to worry about booking, I can search the average price of hotels or Airbnb’s (which can be sometimes be cheaper) within 15-20 minutes of your wedding location, confirm with you and add that amount into the final pricing.


o You ready? Let’s do the dang thing! I require a signed contract and non-refundable 25% retainer fee to hold your date, then the remaining 75% is due one month before your wedding.