Couples Session Guide


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My goal is to make photos that make you feel something. This happens when the couples in front of my camera aren't worried about me or my camera, or their surroundings, or what's for dinner. They're focused on each other in that moment, being together and in love.


Everyone has their own way of expressing themselves and their love. It's what makes every session unique, and it makes your images more personal and intimate. I'll fix things like hand position, head and shoulder angle, and stances. Everything else is unique to the both of you.


    With my approach to photography and photographing couples, light is everything - and when we're shooting in good light, I'll probably be doing some sort of happy dance. 

    That being said, it helps to be on time. It's likely that your session will be scheduled 2 hours before the sun goes down, so if we get a late start, that cuts into the amount of light that we'll have to work with.

    Take traffic into consideration and map it out a few hours before you leave for your session.

    I don't expect you to be a pro at having your photo taken (I certainly am not), so it usually takes a little while for us to get into the groove. There will be moments of downtime -- I'll either be walking ahead to scope out our next spot or to compose a shot, or simply give the two of you a few minutes to take a breather.

    Clean your ring the morning of your session! You want it to be as sparkly and bright as possible!

    Items to consider bringing with you for your session:

    • Makeup/hairspray/brush for touch ups
    • Lots of water, staying hydrated is super important!
    • Bugspray (#saynotozika)

    - WHAT TO WEAR -

    I suggest bringing one outfit that is casual, that you can run around in and don't mind getting dirty, and something dressier that you love, but don't feel like you can pull off in a normal "going out" setting. You may choose more than two outfits, but most of my couples are happy with just two! Just make sure you feel confident and pretty in whichever outfits you chose! 

    It's super easy to fall into the "I have nothing to wear" pit. You now have an excuse to go buy that dress from Anthro or Free People you've been eyeing. Shop for your guy too, he needs to look good and compliment that new dress you just bought. Once you have a few options picked out for the both of you, try them on and stand next to each other in the mirror. Do you love it? Do this a couple of weeks before your session so you're not scrambling at the last minute trying to figure out what to wear.

    Here are a few things to avoid:


    • Anything that shows straps or tags that have to be fixed frequently
    • Tiny patterns with a lot of contrast
    • Skip the spray tan
    • Clothes with logos or branding

    Quick Tip: Bring a pair of comfy shoes to wear when moving from place to place. Your feet will thank you later!


    • Clothes with logos or branding
    • Polos or baggy clothing
    • Tennis shoes/sneakers
    • Cargo shorts/pants
    • Baseball caps

    To pull everything together, treat yourself to getting pampered. Go get your hair and nails done before your session. You want to look and feel your best when you're having your photo taken, so do your thing and take care of yourself. Guys, get a haircut and/or a beardtrim a day or two before your session, your lady with thank you for it.

    Here are a few more tidbits:

    • Avoid matching, coordinating is better.
    • Accessorize! Nothing over the top here, simple earrings and a necklace can pull things together nicely

    Need some more outfit inspo? Checkout this pinterest board!



    The location of your Couples Session is super important! One of biggest factors to consider when choosing locations, is how private it is. This will be a time for you to get snuggly and intimate with your bae. Places with a lot of people may not be the ideal environment to have your photo taken. That said, I love exploring so if you have something in mind but can't quite put your finger on it, I have a running list of locations that I use and I'm always finding new spots! If you want to leave the location up to me, I'm totally up for that too!

    You'll want a location that fits you as a couple. Here are some things to consider when choosing your location:

    • What inspires you?
    • Is there a place that holds significant meaning for the two of you?
    • Are there any unique places that compliment your hobbies or passions?

    - After your session -

    Turn around time: The turn around time for me to deliver your couples session is 3-4 weeks.

    Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions you have. I'm here for you and want to create a session and experience that is perfect for you!

    I hope this information has helped prepare you for your Couples Session! I'm looking forward to getting together and making photos!

    See you soon!

    XO, Angie