Weston + Rachel

I have intended on blogging my sessions for awhile now, but felt that I never had the time between wifing, momming, housework, sessions, editing, and the list goes on. I see multiple others making the time to do it, so I knew it could be done, I just needed to make it a priority! At the beginning of this month I made a mental list (I've yet to write them on paper) of things I wanted to start doing this year that I have been putting off, and blogging is on that list. New year, new me, right?! I recently started time-blocking, where at the start of the day I write down on paper every thing I need to get done for the day. I make a list and give myself so much time to do each task, and when the timer goes off, it is on to the next task. It has helped me tremendously to stay on track and get way more done each day, and checking things off the list makes me feel so accomplished! Blogging a recent session is on the list today, so here I am!

Brianna Record from Brianna Record Photography (one of my favorite photographers), held a mentor day at her home, and I was so excited to join, along with three other amazingly talented ladies! When I arrived at her home at 10 am, Bree had brewed some freshly ground coffee, and had enough crispy creme donuts to feed a small village . Yea, it was amazing! I am a coffee and a donut freak. But really, who isn't? Bree went over how to run a business, her workflow, and how to get natural reactions and emotions from clients. She even had a behind the scenes video from a session that was really cool! After loading our brains with new knowledge, she took us out to eat lunch at Louie's where I had some of the best shrimp tacos I have ever eaten, and a delicious margarita on the rocks! 

Back at Bree's I had (I am ashamed to admit) even more donuts, and learned some more business related things, and got ready for our couples to arrive. Bree had each of us find our own couple's and recommended that we reach out to someone we didn't know, so that we could make new connections and hopefully find someone that we felt fit our style and that we clicked with. I went out of my comfort zone and asked a complete stranger if her and her man would like to come model for me and I was so excited when she said yes! When our couples arrived we went out to the overgrown pasture by Bree's house, and each of us ladies separted with our couples and got to do what we all love, document our couples frolicking, dancing, making out, and all kinds of fun, mushy stuff!

After the shooting portion of the day, we ventured back to Bree's house and she fed us, again. Pizza this time! Seriously, she is the best host ever, hands down! I'm thinking about hiring her to mentor me again, just so she can feed me! While we stuffed our faces with pizza, she went over how she imports, edits, and exports. We got to see each others images that we took that evening. Seriously though, I was surrounded by some super talented ladies! After going over the post processing I headed home to my babies and my husband with a very full belly, a ziplock baggie of donuts (for the kids of course) a happy heart, and a lot of new knowledge!

Now, check out some of my favorite pictures from that day! Weston and Rachel, I adore y'all, and y'all were perfect! Thank y'all so much for saying yes to modeling for a complete stranger, and letting me capture some of my favorite pictures! Lets do it again sometime, please?